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Para Surfing Must Join the LA28 Paralympics

The announcement that para climbing has been chosen over para surfing for inclusion in the LA28 Paralympics was shocking to me but also a devastating blow for athletes and supporters of adaptive surfing. It is time for the LA28 Organizing Committee to reconsider their decision and recognize the profound importance and feasibility of including para surfing in the 2028 Paralympic Games. Para climbing and para surfing can both be added!

Para surfing, is a sport that exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, and has grown tremendously in popularity and competitive viability over the last decade. The International Surfing Association (ISA) recently hosted the World Para Surfing Championships in Huntington Beach, drawing 180 athletes from 27 countries. This event showcased not only the athletes’ incredible talents but also the sport’s strong infrastructure and community support. The Association of Adaptive Surfing Professionals has demonstrated that it possesses the organizational capability to ensure a successful Paralympic debut.

Sign the petition here: Save Paralympic Surfing LA 2028.

The decision against para surfing was ostensibly based on cost and complexity. However, these concerns must be weighed against the values of inclusion and equality that the Paralympic movement champions. The financial complexity argument is unconvincing when we consider the immense benefits and media reach para surfing brings. The sport has garnered significant attention, generating $3.3 million in earned media value, 37 million impressions, and over 25.5 million video views across social media platforms. This level of engagement shows the global interest and support for para surfing.

Para surfing also embodies the essence of California’s identity. Surfing is the state’s official sport, and having the Paralympic Games in Los Angeles without para surfing feels incomplete. Including para surfing would celebrate California’s rich surfing culture and provide a platform for para surfers to inspire millions with their stories of courage and determination.

The LA28 Organizing Committee has a unique opportunity to make history by truly embracing the spirit of inclusivity. The decision to add a new sport to the Paralympic program should not be solely dictated by financial or logistical concerns but also by the potential to uplift and inspire.

As surfers, missing a wave is part of the journey, but it is the relentless pursuit of the next one that defines the sport. I invite you to support our effort and urge everyone to sign the petition calling for the inclusion of para surfing in the 2028 Paralympic Games. By signing, we can amplify our voices and demonstrate to the LA28 Organizing Committee that para surfing deserves its rightful place in the Paralympic Games.

Inclusion is not just about adding a sport; it is about embracing the values of equality, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. We need to support para surfing and ensure that the 2028 Paralympics truly reflect these values. Please sign the petition and help para surfing catch the wave to LA28.

Save Paralympic Surfing LA 2028.


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