Reflections from the “Tijuana Access 2023” Forum on Accessibility and Sustainable Development

Experiences, proposals, and commitments at the first binational forum on accessibility in Tijuana

The “Tijuana Access 2023” forum, held on December 20th at the CECUT, held special significance for me. After 29 years since acquiring my disability, witnessing the realization of an event of this magnitude was truly inspiring.

The space not only marked a milestone in my personal journey but also underscored the importance of continuing to advance the promotion of accessibility and inclusion in this binational region.

As a moderator, my experience at “Tijuana Access 2023” was enriching as I had the opportunity to facilitate dialogue among Tijuana residents with diverse experiences and disabilities. Participants shared valuable testimonies and proposals, contributing to a crucial exchange among civil society, academia, private sector, government, and emerging leaders with disabilities.

Held in conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the event was a pivotal space to promote the rights and well-being of this border community. Recognizing that persons with disabilities constitute 15% of the global population, we addressed thematic concepts such as Universal Design, Accessibility, Accessibility Chain, and Inclusive Design with a Human Rights Perspective.

personas en silla de rueda posando para foto.

Universal Design, proposed by architect Ron Mace, aims to create environments and products usable by everyone without the need for adaptations. Furthermore, we explored the importance of ensuring full accessibility, the accessibility chain, and inclusive design, considering diverse abilities and providing accessible solutions.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Eduardo López and Instituto Municipal de Participación Ciudadana de Tijuana (IMPAC) for the invitation to participate in this significant event. Their commitment to the cause and the organization of the forum demonstrate a notable effort in promoting inclusion and accessibility. This forum not only reflects progress but also serves as a reminder of the ongoing need to drive initiatives promoting equity and full participation for all in our society.

While significant progress has been made, there is still substantial work ahead. It is crucial to maintain the momentum of these valuable dialogue spaces, urging private sector financial support and encouraging active participation from various civic sectors committed to the comprehensive development of our communities.

The continuity of these efforts is essential to ensure that initiatives promoted in the “Tijuana Access 2023” forum translate into sustainable and tangible changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

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