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Regardless of age, background or geographical location, we are all subject to life’s trials and challenges and one way or another we will encounter adversity at some point in our lives. Sometimes these challenges are small and easily overcome. But, what happens when these challenges become an overwhelming barrier hindering our physical, emotional or spiritual growth and progress?

The Overcome Podcast presents an alternative resource for those facing small and big challenges. Overcome is a weekly audio show that features amazing individuals living more than ordinary lives and conquered adversity. Their challenges have been physical, emotional and spiritual but have now come to live a fulfilling life and share their bold insights.

Join me as I sit down and have candid conversations with incredible individuals and try to find out what has made them triumph in the face of daunting adversity. The show is about 50 minutes long and available through Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and this website. So grab a refreshment and lets roll!

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Past Episodes

Episode 24: Max Gomez motocross competitor and amputee
Episode 23:
Finding a mentor and being stubborn about goals

Episode 22:
Tiffiny Carlson Executive Director of SPINALpedia and writer

Episode 21:
Find your passion by listening to your body
Episode 20: Fabio Secci, Adaptive Extreme Sport Athlete.
Episode 19: Setting ambitious goals and being consistent to accomplish them
Episode 18:
Sherown Campbell Freak accident survivor and motivational community leader

Episode 17:
15 Minute Friday – Book winners announced & new years reflexion

Episode 16:
Margarita Elizondo disability advocate and gunshot survivor

Episode 15:
 15 Minute Friday – Book Giveaway announcement
Episode 14: Jesse Billauer adaptive surfing champ and founder of Life Rolls On
Episode 13:
15 Minute Friday – Accepting and welcoming challenges
Episode 12: Brian Ferguson on growing up with arthrogryposis
Episode 11:15 Minute Friday – Taking it one step at a time
Episode 10: 
Hannah Martine on battling cancer at age 29

Episode 09
: 15 Minute Friday: Thanksgiving leftovers and 3 ways to be grateful

Episode 08: 
Alex Fernandez SCI survivor and social worker on recovery and getting back to work.

Episode 07:
“15 Minute Friday” – Steve’s Message on adapting and being passionate
Episode 06: 
Steeve Howe: Amputee and Motocross Competitor on adapting to challenges
Episode 05:
“15 Minute Friday” Changing the world and Alem’s Message.
Episode 04: 
Alem Mumuni polio survivor and Paralympic Athlete 
Episode 03:
“15 Minute Friday” Reflexions on launch Week and butterflies before a new journey

Episode 02:
 Gemma Johnson on Battling Fibromyalgia through fitness and positivism.

Episode 01: Triple amputee Alex Montoya helps us see the good.
Episode 00: Introduction to The Overcome Podcast and Humberto Gurmilan